View Full Version : FS African Rift Lake Cichlids in Toronto area.

The Madd Hatter
August 13th 03, 04:40 AM
I am an avid cichlid hobbyist located in Brmapton, Ontario (Toronto area). I
primarily keep African Cichlids from the Rift Lakes. I have the following
fish available for sale. I am selling them to make room for my recent

3 Aulonocara Sp. "Lawanda " Peacock: (3.5" range). This breeding trio spawns
regularly for me. The male is beautiful. Most of my other fish are faster
growing though, and I can't devote a whole tank to just them .

2 Aulonocara Albino Peacocks: (2" range).. These guys are flawless, with
bright red eyes. (Not sure as to the gender)

1 Wild Caught Gephyrochromis Acei (aka Pseudotropheus Acei) Sp. "White Tail"
(5" ).. This fish comes w/ a certificate from CRLCA.

1 Astotilapia Sp. "Thick Skin" Hap (3" female).. I lost the male she was
mated to, but I have a lor of juveniles available from previous spawns
ranging in size from 1" to 1.5"...

1 Neolamprologus Brichardi (2") female.

2 Metraclima Crabro (6.5" range). These two are a mated pair.

1 Metraclima Crabro (4.5") Male

1 Metraclima Crabro (2" range) This is a juvenile thats been hiding out in
the tank... I'm not sure what the gender is.

I also have a variety of juveniles growing out in my pond right now. Sizes
range from 0.75" to 2.0". these fish all exhibit much better colors and
behavior then anything i've ever grown out in a tank. these will be
availablein mid September, when i drain the pond and fish them out. let me
know if you're interested and I'll send you a list of the species.

All of my cichlids are fed a variety of high quality dry and frozen foods. I
use Sera Green, several different flakes (shrimp and spirulina), frozen
brine shrimp, daphnia, mosquito larvae, blood worms, and MYSIS. I vary their
diets daily, and do regular water changes. ( they eat better then I do!)...
All this in short means, they are very healthy, vibrant fish.

Anyone interested in viewing them may email me at themaddhatter at rogers
dot com. I will entertain all offers, with in reason.

Thank you very much.