View Full Version : Complete 55 gallon sal****er setup FS in san antonio texas

agent smith
July 9th 05, 07:52 AM
I have a complete 55 gallon sal****er setup for sale. i have 2 55 gallon
tanks you can choose form, one is acrylic, one is glass. the acrylic tank
has some scratches and could be repaired. the glass tank has minor cracks.
either tank would make an excellent beginner tank. after you decide which
tank you want, heres what comes with it:

1 x emperor 400 HOB filter (has approx 5lbs live rock in it plus crushed
1 x seaclone 100 OR 1 x coralife superskimmer (65 gallon version)
1 x 5-15gallon HOB filter
1 x 48" lightstrip (has a 50/50 anctinic/10k floro bulb in it)
1 x 36" lightstrip (has an 03 anctinic bulb in it
1 x 150gph powerhead
1 x 150watt heater
1 x temp gague
1 x hydrometer
pH,ammonia,nitrite,nitrate test kits
40lbs live sand
approx 40lbs live rock
small stand (approx 2.5' high)
6 gallon bottle for RO/DI water
bottle of PRIME if tap water is used (dechlorinator/ammonia stripper)

also, the tank DOES have inhabitants in it, which i will list accordingly.
these may be purchased separate, otherwise i will take them to a fish store
or ebay em.

1 x tomato clownfish (10$)
1 x yellow tang (13$)
1 x algae blenny (10$)
5 x turbo snails (10$ for all)

or, take em all for 35$. asking price for setup WITHOUT fish is 275.00 OBO
(the live rock+sand+coralife skimmer is worth 300$ alone). contact VIA email
if interested. will deliver AND help setup for a 35$ fee (for gas, and
initial work involved in setting up the tank (that sand and rock aint
light). as always, its OBO, so feel free to make an offer.

contact - (remove undies to reply)

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