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May 30th 05, 10:49 AM
Just a note to let you know about our special offers for June.

Reef-One 'Smart' Products
The iLight is now in stock and the feedback so far has been excellent.
The iLight can be fitted to any Reef-One aquarium and it is very easy
to upgrade. We are still waiting for Reef-One to announce a date for
the iHeat and understand the delay is due to supply issues with
components. We will keep our site updated with the latest information.
If you would like to take delivery of your Smart aquarium now, then you
might be interested in our Advance Order Heater Pack Offer, below.

Special Offers for June(see

o BiOrb 30 from =A354.95 including free delivery
o 25% off Media Packs for Eheim Professional II Filters
o Eheim Professional II 2028 *** Special Edition *** =A3144.95
o Red Sea Reef and Marine Test Labs =A322.95
o 20% off Red Sea Prizm Protein Skimmers
o 10% off LAC Submersible Pumps

Advance Order Heater Pack Offer
If you have ordered or are thinking about ordering a smart aquarium,
but are waiting for the iHeat to be released, this may interest you. We
are offering a standard Reef-One heater pack at the reduced price of
=A310 if ordered with a smart aquarium. This way you can setup your
aquarium now with a standard heater and we will ship you the iHeat when
it is released. For more details:-


Charterhouse Aquatics