View Full Version : FS: US, UT, Salt Lake City - 50G Tall AGA + Oak Stand

March 22nd 05, 02:44 AM
FS: US, UT, Salt Lake City

50G ( tall ) All Glass Aquarium and oak stand. Includes Emperor
Penguin 400 power filter, titanium heater, Rio 400 powerhead, basic
hood with flourescent lamp, and all supplies ( net, food, chems, etc.).

The stand is actually a lateral file that is a perfect fitting, sturdy
base for the aquarium, and the tank and stand look very nice together.
All you need is a nice looking hood to match and you'll have a very
smart looking aquarium. The current inventory of livestock incudes 2
giant goldfish, a yellow cichlid, and three rosy barbs.

Photos of the tank and stand are at http://full.vu/~sean/tank. Contact
me at foobaric [ at ] gmail.com.

$300.00 OBO. Cash / PayPal only.