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March 21st 05, 03:18 PM
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Fluorescent glow-in-the-dark aquarium kit makes the perfect night-light
in a bedroom or elegant accent in any room or office. Includes tank,
filter, and special glow lighting that provides a fluorescent night
light effect. Ideal home for your betta.

Accent with fluorescing gravel, pebbles, stones, and water feathers
(not included) for a variety of decorative fun. Easy to set-up and

Clean the aquarium with plain tap water. Add glowing gravel and
decorative pieces. Partially fill (3/4) the aquarium with tap water.
Place the filter on the back of the aquarium with its inlet pipe at
least 50% submerged.

Fill the filter's main chamber with water, close lid, ensure electrical
plug is dry. Plug into outlet. The filter will make noise for the first
60 to 75 seconds and then run properly. Add fish to the running
aquarium. Attach the Glow Bug light securely to the side of the
aquarium. Do not overtighten. Turn the Glow Bug light on. Beautiful in
the daytime.

Awesome in the dark.Read and follow all manufacturer instructions
included with and on product. Made in Taiwan.

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