View Full Version : Complete 75 gal setup for sale or trade

Stan Godfrey
November 20th 04, 09:30 PM
Looking to sell or trade for labor to complete a basement bathroom. This is
an active working setup. Includes:

- ~ 20 assorted Cichlids (number changes as they bread)
- 75 Gal tank
- Wood cabinet
- 48" reflecttor with 2 spare bulbs
- 2 400 Emperior filters
- 1 280 Emporior filter
- Blue & white gravel
- Assorted rocks
- 150 w heater
- Tap Water Purifier by Aquarium Pharmaceutical with 3 filter cart.
- CAP-2000 Power Head (used to fill tank during water change), will include
30' of tubing with shut off valves at both ends
- Python 25' drain hose with faucet attachment
- assorted chemicals, tuding, cleaning tools, etc.

Asking $400. Setup would cost $650 - $750 new, not including cost of fish.
You'll have a completely cycled, working setup with live fish!!!

Or wlling to trade for labor to finish basement bathroom.

Can help with breakdown, delivery and setup. Will help with delivery within
25 miles of Duluth, GA.

If interested, please respond with e-mail. Will forward digital photos.
Willing to arrange viewing on evenings or weekend.